Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures offer the best anatomical software and DVDs available for teachers, therapists, consultants and surgeons. They have very kindly offered a 25% discount to TVE subscribers. Please add TVE to receive the discount on any Primal Pictures product, either DVD or online subscription.

The link below is for the Speech and Language Therapy DVD:

And this is for the online subscription:

Have fun exploring!


Dr Nelson's Inhaler

is available from John Bell & Croyden Pharmacists. I recommend the medium size.
If you are buying this item online enter 'thevoice' in the promotional code field to receive 10%. If you are buying this item in store mention The Voice Explained at the checkout counter to receive your discount.


Adam Rouilly

for the anatomical models of the larynx we use on courses



Pilates Ball

Pilates Ball complete with pump - great for releasing the abdominal wall!



Nose Clip

to help soft palate control - It is a good size and it stays on the nose.





I use 3kg weights as a great way to engage the torso anchoring muscles without pushing or gripping. There a couple of things to remember when using them:


  1. Posture - check to make sure that you/your student is standing upright with a good head/neck/back relationship.
  2. Check to ensure the shoulders are not rounded
  3. Release the abdominal wall
  4. Hold the weights with the hands turned towards the front, meaning that if your palms were open, they would be facing forward.
  5. Hold the arms slightly forward & away from the body.
  6. When lifting the arms, make sure it is the whole arm and that you are lifting and not just doing a bicep curl. Correctly performed, this will engage the lats, the transversus abdominis & SCMs.
  7. You don't have to lift them very high! Use them whenever you feel you want more 'support' but it can be a small movement. Don't forget to breathe...

NB NEVER use weights to force or drive the voice. That is not the intention. The point is make those muscles that stabilise the voice more active. it also makes it much easier to quantify effort & to feel where the work needs to be. Used appropriately, they are fantastically effective.

Have fun!